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Named after asphalt-grey standard poodle “Cleo”, Blue Poodle Books first book for children, Annabella and The TyCoon, was published in 1999. Written by JC Sulzenko for SK through Grade 2 readers, this book enjoyed three print runs and raised over $2000.00 for the music program at Hopewell Public School in Ottawa.

Blue Poodle Books then brought out JC’s Back to Back Stories for Lilli and Zach (2000), which included two stories – one (The Dream Mixture) to help younger children accept bedtime and the other (Letters for Lilli) to help them tidy the house while collecting letters of the alphabet. In 2001 Annabella and the WereWolves of Whale Cove was published which takes place on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, and is the sequel to Annabella and The TyCoon.

In 2004, Fat poems Tall poems Long poems Small offered JC’s delightful poetry to children and their families. Poems about monsters, dogs who aren’t dogs, missing teeth grins, cats and parrots, with original, full-colour illustrations by thirteen Ottawa artists, make this collection a real hit.

With Boot Crazy, her 5th book for children, JC takes Blue Poodle Books in a new direction. This story in rhyme for 3 to 7 year-olds is illustrated in full colour by Spencerville artist Mary Moore. With text set in a way that encourages young readers to read the first line on each page, this fresh story about what happens to twins whose feet outgrow their favourite boots is sure to please.


JC Sulzenko
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